For decades casinos were known as places to play cards, bet on the horses or pull the lever on a slot machine. Today’s casinos still offer these enticements, and a large amount of their business remains dependent on gaming, but much has been added to the experience. Fine dining, great entertainment, and dancing have been added to the mix. The result is a total entertainment experience catering to everyone.

Fine Dining

A quick look at the locations for the finest restaurants in the world shows that many have dining establishments in traditional gaming cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Following this trend, even small casinos now offer a multitude of dining options, from casual food to fine dining. The experience of gambling can now be coupled with a five-star meal without leaving the premises.

World-Class Entertainment

Casinos entertainment was once limited to reviews and showgirls. No more. The world’s most popular stars now book shows at casinos where they are met by crowds of fans and sold out shows. Gamblers can take a break from the tables and experienced the highest quality entertainment, all within the same building. The entertainers represent all forms of entertainment, making the casino an option for family style vacations as well as adult trips.

The Hottest Clubs

Casinos now offer dance clubs and trendy bars for a completely different type of entertainment. Some of the larger gaming centers have multiple dance clubs with different themes. Guests can experience a different style of music and venue each night of their stay.

Spa Day at the Resort

Many patrons of casinos treat their stay as if at a resort, with gambling far from their mind. Days are filled with spa treatments and lounging by pools, complete with towel service and swim-up bars. Most large casinos offer shopping concourses filled with designer brands and luxury products.

Casinos are no longer just a smoky room filled with a few felt-covered tables. Casinos have become a one-stop entertainment destination with enough attractions to make anyone’s stay enjoyable.