There are hundreds of breeds of horses in the world. Each was painstakingly developed to showcase certain characteristics and to weed out undesirable qualities. The argument for which horse is the best is fierce, and no clear winner has been determined.

Thoroughbreds for the Track

Thoroughbreds are common in horse racing in most of the world. They are large, muscular animals with the perfect combination of different muscle fibers to produce bursts of speed for sprints and sustained racing. Thoroughbreds have been bred to be durable and easy to ride, making them a popular choice for best racehorse breed.

Arabians for the Desert

Arabian horses are known throughout the world as some of the finest examples of their kind. Many Arabian bloodlines can be traced back centuries, and their breeding is a source of pride in the Middle East. Arabians are known for their graceful gait and surprising speed. Many legends exist telling of their high endurance while being ridden for extraordinary distances over the unforgiving desert.

Morgan Horses for Distance

For an endurance race, a Morgan Horse would be a good choice of steed. Smaller than its racing cousins, the Morgan is renowned for its amazing capacity to keep up the pace for long distances. This ability is attributed to the breed’s barrel chest and exceptional lung capacity. While not the best on a standard track, Morgan Horses shine on very long courses.

Westphalians for Jumping

If the race involves jumping, the Westphalian is a clear choice for best in class. This German-bred horse has been carefully developed for centuries to vault barriers without breaking stride. Westphalians are huge horses, helping them clear the hurdles they face, but are not known for incredible top speeds. Still, in a steeplechase format, this breed is hard to beat.

The debate over which horse is the best breed for horse racing is entirely dependent on the type of race being run. Each of the top breeds has their strengths and weaknesses, and each breed has given the world of horse racing standout individual performers.