People have been racing horses since before recorded history. There have been many amazing examples of horses throughout racing, but these three stand alone at the top of the field.


Secretariat was a massive and powerful horse, standing over 16 hands tall. By the age of two Secretariat was already fully developed which is early compared to most horses. This maturity gave him a decided advantage early in his career which he used to win horse of the year honors in both his second and third year. Secretariat is most famous for being the first triple crown winner; a feat thought to be impossible before Secretariat came along. Secretariat did not just win the three races; he did so in dominant fashion. He took the Belmont Stakes by more than 30 lengths. This margin of victory in the biggest race of his career solidified Secretariats place as the greatest race horse of all time.


The story of Seabiscuit is almost as impressive as the wins he garnered during an illustrious racing career. Seabiscuit was born small and quickly developed a reputation as being a lazy horse. The future hall of fame horse lost his first 17 races. Then, the horse began to win races at an exciting rate. With each win, the underdog story drew more fans and publicity. By the end of the 1938 season, Seabiscuit was the most famous horse in the world and finished the year with a dramatic win over the defending triple crown champion, War Admiral.

Man O’ War

Man o’ War was a huge horse who loved to dominate races. Throughout his career, Man o’ War won 20 of 21 contests. Many of the victories were by dozens of lengths over second place. Man o’ War never won the triple crown because his owner did not want to enter the Kentucky Derby but this famous horse won every other major race in existence. For this reason, Man o’ War deserves mention in any conversation about the greatest race horses ever.