Most people think of table games such as roulette and craps when you mention going to a casino. Undoubtedly, poker and twenty-one draw huge crowds where the money comes and goes too quickly to count. But casinos offer several other games of chance. Some have been around much longer than the electronic bells and whistles of the slots. Horse racing is one of them.

The Horsebook: Races from Around the World

Most major casinos have an area dedicated to horse racing, called a horsebook. In this room horse races from around the world are shown on a multitude of television screens. Odds flash by on leader boards and betting windows are open to place your wagers. Depending on the casino many exotic bets are available for the experienced gambler. Many allow you to create complicated parlays and superfectas. Truly the sky is the limit at a reputable horsebook.

So Many Different Gambling Options in One Place

If you are unable to attend the track where the race you are interested in is being held, a horsebook is the next best thing. Relaxing at a table with full restaurant and bar service can be much more enjoyable than sitting on hard bleachers in the sun at the race itself. Between races, you can hit the slot machines and try to pad your winnings or play a quick hand of cards if you are feeling especially lucky.

If you are a sports fan as well as a horse racing enthusiast it is easy to hit the sportsbook early in the day to place several bets before the races begin. You check on the results while at the horsebook and then return to collect your winnings at the end of the day. A casino is truly a gambler’s paradise.

Do Not Overlook the Horsebook

Most people overlook the option of watching the races at a casino horsebook. They are missing out. Horsebooks are fun, offer every race from around the world, and allow a visitor to experience the entire casino without missing a single race.